I had an amazing healing session with Mia - a beautiful ceremony, where I was honoured, respected and supported.  It felt good to take the time to do this for myself, and quite honestly I'm astonished by how far I've come in the last 5 weeks, in terms of my outlook and well-being.  Thank you, Mia, for facilitating this wonderful transformation. CR

The work of Shadows for me is the discovery of our true hidden identity. This is a unique discovery where the unimaginable comes to light and you begin a healing process which I didn’t even know was needed. This is the ultimate secret door which when once open only leads to positive thoughts and happiness. With this state of acceptance of our true self we start the deeper process of attracting abundance and love. Bobby Kapur

I had a shamanic healing session with Mia and the transformation each day was amazing. I have been given space for the part of me that was lost and to take a place, grow and transform my relationship with myself and the rest. This is opening doors to  the life and opportunities I wanted. Thanks Mia for your support. I can't express my gratitude to you enough. Carmen

You are a clear and passionate teacher and it was highly useful and inspiring to be present in the circle. Sally Ibbotson

My experience of working with Mia was very powerful and healing. The problem was cleared up in one session. Over the ensuing months I felt a deepening of my connection to spirit and a profound shift in my sense of self. I was impressed by the combination of professionalism and depth of experience she brings to her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone, as she is a highly competent and trustworthy practitioner. SH

I am so blessed to have connected and worked with Mia. When deciding upon the right person to support you in your journey, it can be a minefield to say the least, but in finding Mia I now have someone I value and trust to work with, when I need it. The session we shared was just the beginning, as someone who works with higher energies myself, I could feel the power of the work being done. Little did I know what was about to follow. It has been a month since our session and I can feel that things are still working through, with some work on my part too. It has been one huge vibrational shift, many things have fallen away and I have gained immense clarity and insight. My life is transforming on so many levels and I am more closely aligned with my truth than I've ever been. I am hugely grateful to Mia for her role in my journey. She is a powerful lady.  Ashleigh

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for connecting me to my spirit guides through our Shamanic healing session recently.  It was the most beautiful and powerful experience and I thank you for helping me to bring about so much change in my approach to living. 
Before the healing I felt like a ship lost at sea, no compass, anchor broken, floating around, unable to sail with purpose or rest in safety.  I didn’t really have an precise and well defined reason to complete a healing other than I was approaching life each day in an uncertain fog, often going through the motions of life, quite uncomfortable with my direction and approach.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but it didn’t feel like the existence I was meant to be living and I didn’t really want to live life like that.  
You made the whole process (despite the butterflies in my stomach) so easy and paved the journey with love and kindness.  Thank you.  From the very start I felt the spirit guides right there, by my side, holding my hand and they have not left me since. 
Although the journey started with the healing, each day I feel my new found purpose growing stronger and stronger.  It’s a little like sailing with a compass and being able to drop anchor when previously you have been lost at sea. I thank you for connecting me once again to my spirit guides (my compass and anchor) and helping me see and live life in a way I haven’t for many years.   
With love and blessings to you and my new found friends, my spirit guides. Jen

Mia put my mind as rest as soon as I arrived. She was warm, welcoming and kind. She explained everything very well and allowed me to ask questions. I received an amazing healing and it felt like a very safe space.  I too would highly recommend her work to everyone who needs healing and to be reminded of their own heart and soul. ES

I would highly recommend both Shamanic Healing and Mia to anyone considering it. I was quite scared at the thought of it to begin with as I was not sure what to expect but Mia was very kind and reassuring and helped me to feel at ease. I was amazed as the session began that the main issues came out really quickly and I was quite stunned by the accuracy of this. I felt an immediate relief and lightness following the healing and found it to be quite profound. I look forward to having further sessions with Mia in the future. Sarah

I joined Mia last month for her drumming dance circle and my life was profoundly changed.  By dancing with intention and surrendering to the wisdom of the body, I was able to expand my consciousness in a way that I could not have predicted.  During my walk home after the two hour session, wave after wave of revelation made itself know to me;  aspects of myself that had been hidden in my shadow and that being projected onto others in my life became clear.  I learned to trust the infinite wisdom of the body and respect its intelligence.  Bravo Mia!  It will take wild horses to prevent me from attending each of your dance gatherings.  I look forward to discovering more about my internal and external world. Jodi

Though I am practicing Shaman and past life regression therapist, I have attended a number of Mia’s classes.
Mia is naturally gifted healing soul who is very well connected into the wider reality that we cannot see. Her connectivity to alternative reality can be felt with the energy both with and around her. The energy radiating from Mia is very powerful, healing and pure.
She is a master healer with tremendous abilities which will manifest through the souls she helps. Bobby Kapur

Going through the healing with Mia was a very profound experience which has affected me in a positive way- something has shifted and although I still have a difficult unresolved situation in my life, I feel more peaceful, less vulnerable and more grounded. Before seeing Mia I struggled to get on with everyday things and feel positive about myself. Since our session I have started attracting good things into my life, such as meeting a new loving family, being offered new job opportunities and I believe that the Universe and the spirit world are taking care of me and that things will carry on getting better. I would highly recommend that you experience this work as it can only bring goodness and clarity into your life and Mia brings total dedication to the session, sharing her incredible energy to relay the messages through- drumming , dancing and much much more.   Angela

Mia had a calming energy and space which allowed me to put complete trust in her- so important for any healing. The healing process is hard to describe in words and I think that it is best not to even try. I was lulled into deep relaxation..I felt very tired immediately after and the day after and even had to take a nap. I now feel more grounded in my body, energy flowing freely, with some great things coming to my life directly after. I would recommend a healing with Mia, as it is a beautiful experience. Anonymous

Doing a session with Mia was incredibly inspiring. First, Mia managed to make me feel very comfortable, even though I did not know much about Shamanism and what we would do during the session. But I was very curious and open minded, and Mia definitely knows how to create a climate of confidence and trust, which is hugely valuable. Right after the session I felt very relaxed and grounded, but the best was only to come…It is a few days after the session that I started noticing some situations unblocking, some burdens being lifted. I also felt more resilient, as if I had gained new strength. I wouldn’t say it magically solves everything, that’s not the idea at all, but now I find it easier to deal with challenging events, and to learn from difficulties. It really opened a world of possibilities and re-framed my vision of life, and I’m really excited about doing more work with Mia and learn further on Shamanism!  Sophie

I had a healing session with Mia shortly after my Mother died. Coming to terms with her passing was very difficult, not least as we had had a very fractious relationship and had been estranged for many years. The healing session with Mia included a soul retrieval as well as conveying a message from my Mother. This has helped enormously with the grieving process, enabling me to start letting go of long-held emotional pain. Throughout the healing, Mia was wonderfully kind, compassionate and professional, helping me to feel safe, connected and nurtured. I look forward to future sessions with Mia and recommend her very highly to anyone considering shamanic healing work. Alison

Mia was so empathetic and warm and really listened to me. I defiantly felt a sense of peace after my session and a release of negative energy. It has helped me identify a more spiritual side to myself and to source extra strength. I feel like I can trust my intuition more which is s huge step forward for me. I highly recommend. Many thanks Mia xx Anonymous

I had a couple of private healing sessions with Mia. It is a wonderful experience as you experience healing coming into you. Mia is a delightful person who undertakes her mission with so much enthusiasm and dedication. I would recommend Mia to anyone. Guy

Mia gave me a fascinating introductory shamanic healing session in November 2015. It was personal, powerful and yet comforting, beautifully guided by Mia’s energy and consideration. I would recommend it to anyone exploring the shamanic world for the first time. SM

I had couple of shamanic healing from Mia and each of them was exceptional and profound. Mia works from her heart. She has strong connection with the Spirit and she is a beautiful soul. Mia is devoted shamanic healer and I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks healing. Izabela Swirk

Mia works very intuitively, emphasis on creativity and imagination in ceremonies is very helpful and validating. She is encouraging one to believe and celebrate the power of imagination to influence the world we live in, I remember one of earlier workshop for Mother Earth and through that journey we were in process of transforming our own lives. Her workshops are reminder of possibilities of this life, relation with our own inner light and the importance of sharing that light with others. She is supportive of our healing work. In past lots of Shamanic practice was done though movement she is incorporating this in practice and embodiment and movement brings another dimension in practice. She is not afraid to experiment. Tanja A.H

I found journeying with Mia to be light and playful, and yet she took me to 'places' I had never been journeys were beautiful voyages of exploration...Blackandgreytiger