Shamanic healing is, in my view, the most potent type of energy healing work anyone can do. Before truly diving into shamanism I spent many years of my journey exploring and doing various types of energy practices and from all I have seen and experienced, shamanism is, for me, the most powerful kind of work there is. However it is not work for everyone as shamanism teaches us to face our shadow and do our own inner work. It asks us to go deep within ourselves and to face all that we are. 

The work I do has best results for those that are prepared to dive into their own Mystery and do their own shadow work (aka inner work). This can be really taxing and painful to do at times, but, in the end, if our own inner demons are not faced they will end up dominating and overtaking our lives.  The choice in the matter is ours. I do know, from experience, that when fully engaging in this work we can start shifting our lives  and find countless treasures.  

I love practicing shamanism and immersing myself in shamanic work. One of the things that never ceases to fascinate me is how the work is always different and how it evolves. No two sessions are alike. It brings me great honour, gratitude and joy to do this work and to see the light in my clients eyes.

My work is very grounded and embodied. I bring kindness, integrity, courage, focus and discipline to all I do. Shamanism teaches us empowerment, personal responsibility and accountability and thus our own healing journey is ultimately our own responsibility. The more we engage with the work, the more gifts it brings us and the more we can become the work. 

The heart of shamanic healing is to restore balance and harmony.  In shamanic healing spiritual side of a problem is addressed. My work is Spirit driven. Spirits alone do the diagnostic of what needs to be done for each client.  They can see much bigger and clearer picture than us and wonderful things can happen when we allow ourselves to surrender into their loving arms. 

During our healing session you may see me doing various things such as dancing, drumming, rattling etc but I am simply a vessel, and a facilitator, for everything that comes and happens, and that what you receive, comes from the wise, compassionate, helping Spirits. My job, as a practitioner,  is to get myself out of the way so that the Great Mechanic can do what is needed. 

Shamanic healing may entail any or combination of the following healing methods:

- Energy Clearing and Cord Cutting

- Power Animal Retrieval

- Soul Retrieval

- Spirit Release

- Ancestral Healing

Please note I don't do any of the above on -demand. It is Spirit who decides what is needed for each client. Each session is tailor made and never the same. 

In addition to the above, I also offer Drum healing work. Drum healing can be done frequently unlike the in-depth sessions and can sometimes help with the integration work as well. 

In-depth healing sessions take anywhere between 1.5-3 hours. 2 hours is usually enough time, but sometimes our work can take longer (or shorter) and as a result I book appointments in 3 hour time blocks. 

In-depth sessions are done periodically and are driven by you, the client, as you know if and when you need another healing session, although at times Spirit may recommend another session.

The way I metaphorically think about the difference between the Drum healing and in-depth session is like having a little snack vs having a full on gourmet meal when you have been starving. 

If you would like to book healing session with me please contact me. 

Please note that most shamanic healing work can be done remotely.