Privacy Notice

There are cookies operating on this site by third party. Among the types of personal data this application collects is (this list is not exhaustive) as where the traffic is coming from, IP address, city, date, time, how you found this website etc. This data is used for various analytics, website optimisation and to deliver the deliver the service to client as well as to contact the owner.

Owner does not know anything about how, where nor for how long third party data is stored as it is provided by the hosting platform that the owner uses. Please go to  -  for more information on third party privacy policy.

If you decide to contact the owner, your personal data (full name and email) are used for sole purpose in providing the service to you. This data is not and will not be shared with anyone. This data is also freely provided by you.

Please note that in your contact or email form to the owner you do not need to provide any details as to why you want to book an appointment. All of owner’s work is Spirit is lead and regardless of how much (or little) information you provide it makes no difference to the work that will be done. Spirits already know everything there is to know and they guide us in our work.

Emails may be stored for owner’s administrative purposes and especially in cases if you decide to book a healing session with the owner. These emails are never shared not transferred to anyone.

If you book a healing session with the owner your personal data (name, address, phone and email) is collected for consent purposes and to provide you with shamanic healing services. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

For administrative services and for the owner to comply with insurance obligations owner is subject to, notes of healing sessions and consent forms are kept for indefinite period of time.  Your data is never shared nor transferred to anyone unless it is for the performance of legal or ethical obligation or upon order of an authority.

You have the right to: withdraw your consent at any time, object to processing your data, access your data, verify and seek rectification, have your data deleted or removed (this depends on circumstances and may not always be possible), lodge a complaint. You can do this by contacting the owner directly. All requests will be addressed within 60 business days.

The owner reserves the right to make changes to privacy policy at any time by giving notice on this page. It is strongly recommended that you check this page often and refer to the date of last modification.

26th May 2018