Get guidance on a question/issue/problem you may be having.

If you would like to have Shamanic Divination in addition to your healing session please let me know in advance so I can set aside enough time.

Please remember that Spirits often speak in metaphors and I cannot interpret message for you. All messages are tailor made to the person they are for, and therefore you are the only person who can interpret it.


Shamanism is a practice outside time and space.  In imprint and pattern unravelling we unravel the imprint(s) and patterns that may have been running from before you were even born. 


If you are looking to celebrate or mark an occasion it is great to do a Ceremony as part of the process. Ceremony can be done for anything. Some of the examples are: birth, marriage, new job, moving house, help in letting go,  help in bringing in, forgiveness, grief..... 

Before we begin, once you share with me what you wish the Ceremony to be for, I will journey on your behalf to my Spirit Guides to show me a Ceremony that you could do. I then share with you what/how to do the Ceremony and if you wish I could also lead/hold the Ceremony for you.

For more information contact me.