At the heart of all shamanic practices, for there are many schools of shamanism, is our own relationship and connection to the Spirit. This is the core of what all practitioners do and it is the responsibility of each of us to nurture and develop this sacred relationship.

We start by learning how to communicate with the Spirit which we do so by going on a shamanic journey. Hence, I recommend that you find a teacher that you resonate with and go and do an introductory workshop where you will learn the basics of shamanism and how to do a shamanic journey. This is usually done as a one or two day workshop, depending on the teacher. As my teacher, Simon Buxton, once said, in theory this is the only workshop you will ever need because it is Spirits who are the true Teachers and true Healers. They teach us all we ever need to or want to know. Learning how to speak to them is the key! So it is vital you choose the right teacher for you. On my resource page you can see teachers I recommend. 

Once we know how to journey it is then up to us to keep doing our journeys and our practices. After all, no painter became a master by painting just one picture. It took many hours and many canvases. Same goes with shamanic journey and pretty much everything in life.
You can do journeys for any reason, for example to receive healing, guidance, help, advice…. It is a wonderful and rich practice.
It will get tough at times, it will challenge you and it will change you, for shamanism teaches us to ride the cycle of Life, and to feel and experience all we came here to do. It is a practice that just keeps on giving.

So this is where we can start!