How to find the right shamanic practitioner (SP)?

1 – It is always best to follow YOUR OWN intuition and guidance. We all need to learn to follow that sometimes tiny, and sometimes loud voice within. That can be really hard at times and yet really easy at other times.

2 – STAY AWAY from anyone calling themselves a shaman unless the person in question is a tribal shaman. Title shaman is bestowed by community and again, unless the practitioner is a tribal shaman, the right term would be shamanic practitioner. So that’s a very easy giveaway!

3 – Word of mouth, good words spread and so ask around for recommendations. Ideally you want someone who is highly recommended by person you trust.

4  – Shamanic practitioners freely share and let everyone know where and whom they trained with. Nobody just woke up and presto “I am shaman”. I would stay away from those who are not transparent.

5 – Feel free to ask SP questions about their work, training etc.

6 – Do not be coerced into healing! Healing happens when and only we are ready!! If someone is forcing you or intimidating you into healing that is not a good sign. You, and only you are responsible for your own healing and it happens when you are ready. Sometimes we are simply not ready for this kind of work.

7 – A good SP follows and is in tune with his/her helping Sprits. It is Spirits who do the diagnostics and who do the sacred prescription of the kind of work that needs to be done. Healing does not come from SP it comes from Spirit. SP is only a vessel and hollow bone. It is called working in partnership with Spirit.

8 – If something feels off for whatever reason trust your instinct!