Do I do Soul Retrieval (SR)?   
Yes I do, however should you decide to work with me I cannot guarantee that this is what we will be doing as all of my work is Spirit driven. This means that Spirits diagnose what healing each client needs at the time we do our work. They fully guide us in our work, thus if they diagnose SR is needed then please rest assured that that is indeed what we will end up doing. 

Please read here more on how I work.

What is the difference between drum healing and in-depth session?
Drum healing sessions can be done very frequently,  whereas in-depth sessions are done periodically. It is hard to say what periodically means as it may mean different things to all of us and so it is best to follow your intuition and instincts as you, the client, know if/when you need healing. 

The main difference, as I metaphorically see it, is as follows: imagine you are really hungry, starving even, a drum healing session is like having a snack whereas an in-depth session is like having a full on gourmet meal.

What do your clients usually say?
Most often clients say that the work is very intense.  Please also see the testimonials section for more feedback on my work.

How long will my session take? 
All my work is Spirit led and it is difficult to say in advance how long the work will take. Hence all times mentioned below are approximate and based on previous work with clients.

Drum healing session usually takes up to 30-45 minutes.

An in-depth healing session takes about 2 hours, but it can be anywhere from 1.5-3 and at times a bit longer. I book a 3 hour time slot in my calendar as sometimes it can take us longer to do our work and I want to make sure I am not rushed and that we have enough time to do all that is needed.

Do I need to prepare for our session?
It is highly suggested that you do your prep work before we meet. You will receive the document on how to prepare upon booking an in-depth session with me.

What happens if I change my mind during the session?
In any healing work permission is everything, so if you change your mind, at any point in time just please speak up. Sometimes we are not ready for this kind of healing. Please respect and honor your boundaries and if you wish to stop at any point in time I will respect and honor your decision. 

What is integration and why do I need to do it?      
Integration, to me, means fully absorbing the healing, the wisdom, the knowledge, the light and all the gifts we receive during our work. Integration is becoming the work and it is thus of uttermost importance to do it. This is the work that is usually suggested by Spirits at the end of the long session. Naturally there are numerous ways to do this huge piece of work, but I would strongly urge you to follow Spirits’ directions as to how to do it as they know best.

Any other aftercare tips?
Please be very gentle with yourself in the days following our session as well as immediately after. Shamanic healing is very powerful work and the work may inspire you to make changes in your life. Upon booking your session you will receive a short guide on how to prepare for your healing session as well as some aftercare tips.

Who are these Spirit Guides, Allies and Spirits?
These are our Guides from the Spirit world i.e. unseen world, or Non Ordinary Reality which is very much real but just not seen with our naked eyes. You know how sometimes people say something saved me, something did this to help, well these are our Guides. They are expressions of the Divinity, Source, just many fingers of the same arm, which we are all part of.

I would like to know more about Shamanism, where do I start?
Any book by Sandra Ingerman is highly recommended! I would also recommend Colleen Deatsman, she was Sandra's student and I liked her “Hollow Bone” book very much.

Please refer to the resources and how/where to get started section for more information.