Do you feel depleted, tired and worn out?
Do you feel stuck?
Are you prepared to commit to the most important and longest relationship you will ever have, that with yourself?
If so then this work is for you. 
I help people and businesses to ReCharge their energy and find and ReFuel their purpose.
Using unparalleled combination of business knowledge from working as a banker in the City of London for more than 13 years and skills learned during 15 years on quest in self-discovery as well as in-depth energy training I teach from my own journey and experience.
This is not a quick fix magic solution; it is commitment to yourself and your own unique journey.

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Ffeedback on my teaching work

The work of Shadows for me is the discovery of our true hidden identity.  This is a unique discovery where the unimaginable comes to light and you begin a healing process which I didn’t even know was needed.  This is the ultimate secret door which when once open only leads to positive thoughts and happiness.  With this state of acceptance of our true self we start the deeper process of attracting abundance and love.  Bobby Kapur

You are a clear and passionate teacher and it was highly useful and inspiring to be present in the circle. Sally Ibbotson