People often ask me what Shamanism is and in this short note I will try and summarize the most important things about this ancient, rich and sweet way of life, way of our ancestors.

Shamanism is the world's oldest spiritual practice. This is indisputable fact. Some anthropologists believe that it has been around as long as 100,000 years. So surely for something that has been around for so long and continues to live on, well perhaps then there is something very potent, deep and powerful going on, something really important we could learn that could be of great benefit to all of us?!

Shamanism is not a religion. No. Shamanism is a system of direct Spirit revelation. Sounds very fancy, doesn’t it, but what does it really mean? It simply means that there is no greater authority than you and that everything, absolutely everything that you need or want to know will be shown to you by your Spirit guides. Directly. Yes a direct hotline 24/7. Ring Ring, I have a question; could you please help me?! So #1 – direct Spiritual revelation. How wonderful to have this available to us, all the time!

As a result of the above, Shamanism then teaches us to be empowered and  be in our own authority. There is no outside authority and if in doubt about anything see above, ask Spirit! Yey!

There are no rules in Shamanism, there are only a set of basic principles, one which we have already covered above.

#2, and very close to #1, Shamanism is working in partnership with Spirit. Spirits are our Guides, our Allies and they are here for us. They hold us in love and guide us through everything, and all the time, even if we may not acknowledge their presence or existence! Yes, even then, for they love us deeply and unconditionally and they want us to meet all of our appointments we came here to meet.

Finally, and quantum physics is catching up on this, #3, everything is alive, everything has Spirit and everything is connected and interacting with everything else all of the time. There is no separation. So this teaches us many things; such as how to respect and honor everything that is because everything has consciousness and everything has purpose. It also teaches us personal accountability, for everything is connected, so therefore everything, no matter how small, we do, has an effect in the whole Web of Life and we really do not know the effect or the far reach of our actions. 
So that’s basically it, I hope it helps!