From the Shamanic point of view everything is alive, everything has a soul and everything is connected to a great big Web of Life. As we heal, the effects of that healing ripple through the Web and hence the Web heals too. The opposite is also true. So in simple terms, everything we do does matter and the ripple effects of our actions are unknown to us! We are not just some insignificant drop in the ocean. We are deeply loved by the Universe, but as we are not conditioned to think in that way, let alone believe in it, we can spend our lives pre-occupied with things that perhaps don't really matter when our time here is coming to an end. 
Many of us have forgotten how to live. Many are not thriving and many are suffering from maladies.

Shamanic practitioners believe that maladies and/or dis-eases occur due to five major causes: power loss, soul loss, intrusion, taboo breaking, and/or overshadowing by another entity. 
There are volumes that could be written about each of the five causes. The one I would like to briefly focus on in this note is power loss. Unfortunately power loss is very common!

Do you ever feel like you really really really wanted to change? Wanted to do something but you just couldn't?? Or were in a situation you just wanted to say something but could not? It could be that you simply do not have enough power to make that change or to say what you really wanted to say.

This is, in very simple terms, what shamans would refer to as power loss. It can happen for many reasons. The most common one is that power leaks when we act, behave and do in a manner that is inconsistent with our core inner believes. If we do this over and over again the power will leave us and we will be powerless.

You all know that feeling when you really want to do something but well you just couldn't, didn't, were fearful or were overpowered by something or someone.

It is like a car that once had a big powerful engine but that powerful engine went away and was replaced by a small inadequate one. Now imagine that car, with this small engine trying to climb a steep hill. Naturally it can only go so far; simply because it doesn't have enough power.

Well you could put a stop to all of that. 
And no it’s not a miracle (although they do happen) it is simply you taking back your own power and building a strong inner body. Kind of like going to the gym (after never been there) one session will not magically give you a coveted six pack, but if you continue, and keep at it, it will.

Its same with power. You need to reclaim it.
A good question!

In the shamanic tradition, it is believed that every time a person is born, a guardian (what we call a power animal or spirit in an animal form) volunteers itself to be with that person to provide protection and guidance in their life. When that power is abused such as when we go against our own inner belief system, the power leaves us. 

But fear not as power can be restored via what practitioners call the power animal retrieval. It’s a powerful cure, but for healing to happen, the client needs to do his/her own work. In other words, we all know what is causing imbalance in our lives and it is our responsibility to address that. To do our own inner work. To understand what is happening in our lives. Spirits will not do our work for us. They will, however, guide us and hold us in love. Spirits want to help us to fulfill our soul mission and express our true selves. We all have something to offer, some gift that is unique to us. A true talent!

I know it is easy to get distracted, perhaps more than ever before but let’s not forget why we are here. 
Let’s not forget that we matter.
Because we do! Each and every one of us!

So I will leave you with this and if you would like to find out more please do get in touch!